Day 1
01 Mar 2023

Welcome Remarks

Symeon G. Tsomokos, Delphi Economic Forum
Aris Vlachos, Hellenic Business Association

Opening Speech

H.E. Prime Minister of the Republic of North Macedonia, Dimitar Kovačevski
H.E. Dimitar Kovačevski

One year after: The impact of Russia’s aggression in Ukraine to SE Europe

Russia’s invasion to Ukraine, a cataclysmic geopolitical event which has thrown the whole world in turmoil, even more so in neighbouring regions like SE Europe. Top ranking diplomats and foreign affairs Ministers discuss the impact of the war in Ukraine on national and regional level and assess future scenarios

Artemis Malo, Deputy Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, Republic of Albania
H.E. Cyrille Baumgartner, Ambassador of France to the Republic of North Macedonia
H.E. Andrea Silvestri, Italian Ambassador to the Republic of North Macedonia
H.E. Sophia Philippidou, Ambassador of the Hellenic Republic to the Republic of North Macedonia
H.E. Ami Larsson Jain, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Sweden to the Republic of North Macedonia
Chair: Sanja Vasik, Journalist
Artemis Malo
H.E. Cyrille Baumgartner
H.E. Andrea Silvestri
Sophia Philippidou
H.E. Ami Larsson Jain
Sanja Vasik

Fireside Chat

Artan Grubi, First Deputy PM & Minister for Political System & Inter-Community Relations
Chair: Katerina Sinadinovska, Journalist
Artan Grubi
Katerina Sinadinovska

A follow up of the Tirana Summit: The accession of the Balkans in the European Union

The EU - Western Balkans Summit in Tirana in December, a high-level meeting to be held in the region for the first time, was greeted with cautious optimism by proponents of EU accession: a sign that the region remains a top EU priority and the long-frozen process could finally be revived. In this high-level panel we aim to dissect key takeaways from the Summit and project their impact for the future of the region
Olivér Várhelyi, Commissioner for Neighbourhood and Enlargement, European Commission
Bojan Marichikj, Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs, Republic of North Macedonia
Martin Dvořák, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Czech Republic
H.E. David John Geer, Ambassador of the EU to the Republic of North Macedonia
Chair: Ilina Mangova, Deputy Director, International Republican Institute
Olivér Várhelyi
Bojan Marichikj
Bojan Marichikj
Martin Dvořák
H.E. David Geer
Ilina Mangova

networking break

Welcome Remarks

Symeon G. Tsomokos, Delphi Economic Forum

Fireside Chat

H.E. Albin Kurti, Prime Minister, Republic of Kosovo
Chair: Nazim Rashidi, Journalist, ALSAT-TV
H.E. Albin Kurti
Nazim Rashidi

Fireside Chat

Dritan Abazović, Prime Minister of the Government of Montenegro
Chair: Sefer Selimi, Political Analyst
H.E. Dritan Abazović
Sefer Selimi

New Regional Energy Avenues

The Russian aggression in Ukraine has accentuated the importance of energy security and autonomy for Europe and the West. How can SE Europe and the Western Balkans leverage their geostrategic position to contribute to the target of shedding dependence from Russian oil and natural gas. What is the state of play of current pipeline projects?
Hristina Odzaklieska, Dep. Minister of Environment & Physical Planning, Republic of North Macedonia
Getoar Mjeku, Deputy minister of economy, Republic of Kosovo
Razmena Cekic Durovic, State Secretary, Ministry of Economy, Republic of North Macedonia

Olin Wethington, CEO, Wethington International LLC
Nikola Delev, Acting Director 'Strategic Planning and Development', Bulgartransgaz
Manos Manousakis, Chairman and CEO, IPTO
Ioannis Kirkinezis, Director, Business Development & Country Manager, Albania
Bajram Rexhepi, Executive Director, NER Skopje
Fernando Kalligas, Corporate Affairs, ESG & Communications Division Director, DESFA
Chair: Zlatko Cherepnalkoski, Director for Business Development & Strategy, EDS AD
Hristina Odzaklieska
Getoar Mjeku
Razmena Cekic Durovic
Olin Wethington
Nikola Delev
Manos Manousakis
Bajram Rexhepi
Ioannis Kirkinezis
Fernando Kalligas
Zlatko Cherepnalkoski

Fireside Chat

Christos Harpantidis, Vice President, Philip Morris International, South-East Europe
Chair: Dragi Pavlevski, Journalist
Christos Harpantidis
Christos Harpantidis
Dragi Pavlevski

networking lunch break

Investing in Infrastructure & Connectivity: The Territorial Cohesion, trans- European networks: Road, Rail, Bridges, Ports & Airports

A well - connected region is a region that can aspire to growth and stability. This panel discussion brings together leading experts and public officials to assess how major infrastructure projects in the Western Balkans bring the region closer to a robust economic and political cooperation.
Blagoj Bochvarski, Minister of Transport & Communications, Republic of North Macedonia
Branko Greganovic, President of the Management board, NLB Bank Skopje
Nikola Ljushev, CEO, Makedonski Telekom
Athanasios Liagkos, Executive Chairman of the BoD & Managing Director, ThPA S.A. – Port of Thessaloniki
Andi Aranitasi, Head of North Macedonia, EBRD
Alessandro de Concini, Country Manager North Macedonia, European Investment Bank
Chair: Veton Qoku, , Partner, Karanovic & Partners
Blagoj Bochvarski
Branko Greganovic
Nikola Ljushev
Athanasios Liagkos
Andi Aranitasi
Alessandro de Concini
Veton Qoku

Women at the Forefront of Sustainable Development

Against one of humanity’s most critical challenges of the last decades, it’s women - from academia, business, politics and science - that are heading the global push for sustainable development. In this segment, we hear from women pioneers and leaders as they share their experiences and ask whether gender has a role in mainstreaming their efforts.
Danela Arsovska, Mayor of Skopje
Hristina Spasevska, Vice Rector, Ss. Cyril and Methodius University, Skopje
Marta Naumovska-Grnarova, General Manager, Zavar Company, Zavar Design
Aida Nani, Managing Partner, STAG Consult, Tirana
Chair: Tonia Gogou, General Manager, V&O, Greece
Danela Arsovska
Hristina Spasevska
Marta Naumovska-Grnarova
Aida Nani
Tonia Gogou

FDI Prospects in North Macedonia and the Region

Foreign investment is a key factor to North Macedonia’s growth prospects, contributing in sectors as diverse as renewables, automotives and software. How is North Macedonia managing to remain successful in the midst of a challenging economic environment? How is the country planning for the future? What is the case for the Region?
Jovan Despotovski, CEO, Technological Industrial Development Zones of North Macedonia
Denald George Tafani, Chairman, Hellenic Business Association in Albania
Magdalena Soljakova, Senior Country Officer for North Macedonia, IFC
Chair: Arlind Zeqiri, Managing Partner at LANSKY, GANZGER, ZEQIRI + partner Skopje
Jovan Despotovski
Denald George Tafani
Magdalena Soljakova
Arlind Zeqiri
Arlind Zeqiri

networking break

Strategies for maintaining Economic Growth in times of Uncertainty

From the pandemic to Russia’s aggression in Ukraine, the beginning of this decade has seen unexpected events put a dent to the fragile economies of the Western Balkans and a strain to the public finances of the region’s countries. In this panel discussion, top finance officials of North Macedonia explain how the country has made a robust return to growth and how it plans to maintain it in the midst of global political uncertainty.
Fatmir Besimi, Minister of Finance, Republic of North Macedonia
Ana Mitreska, Vice Governor, Central Bank of North Macedonia
Zoran Jovanovski, Vice President, Economic Chamber of Commerce of North Macedonia
Bekim Emini, Director, Invest North Macedonia
Chair: Mirce Jovanovski, Journalist
Fatmir Besimi
Ana Mitreska
Zoran Jovanovski
Bekim Emini
Mirce Jovanovski

Digital Transformation and the Future of IT: Taking Public and Corporate Governance to the Next Level

Digital transformation in both the private and public sectors have been long deemed necessary for countries to keep pace with and fully take advantage of technological developments and ultimately spur future growth. In this segment we explore the transformation experiences of Greece and North Macedonia and what other countries in the region could learn from this process.
Aleksandar Bajdevski, Deputy Minister, Information Society & Administration, Republic of North Macedonia
Aleksandar Stamboliev, CEO, Business Accelerator UKIM
Gogo Rafajlovski, Operational Director, SEEU Tech Park
Boro Jakimovski, Dean of Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering – Skopje
Vasko Kronevski, CEO, Nextsense
Chair: Ivan Chorbev, Professor, University of Skopje
Aleksandar Bajdevski
Aleksandar Stamboliev
Gogo Rafajlovski
Boro Jakimovski
Vasko Kronevski
Ivan Chorbev